Thursday, February 22, 2007

This is the Beginning

DEFFO!: Today we visited the DC grand jury, as pictured above. That is the depressing row of seats I looked at before testifying. Now I know that the Law & Order franchise romanticizes the courtroom, and that legal proceedings are usually bland and whitewashed, but calling this thing a grand jury was a travesty. First, the case we were there for was a purse snatcher, who took A's purse (along with another woman's) when we were at dinner last month. The man charged is apparently a professional, so A and I were expecting that maybe he would get charged with some sort of serious crime, like Grand Burgling or something. The actual crimes he's (probably) going to be charged with: 2 counts misdemeanor robbery and one count misdemeanor credit card fraud (from when he used the other woman's card to buy some guacamole at a restaurant a block away, which led to his capture).

For these three counts, he'll probably serve like a month in jail. The proceedings will take upwards of three months, and will probably cost $864,342.25. Woot!