Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Palindrome of 24 Hours in New York = Kroy Wen ni Sruoh 42 fo Emordnilap

For Ana's birthday we went to New York, but you already know that. We took the TRAIN. That's what people did in the old days.

Like any trip, the whole purpose is to eat. First stop: Cafe Habana. Sandwich was so good that Ana took a bite even though there was a mayonnaise-like substance on it.

The best part, though, was that this guy

was there, dressed like he meant it. He seemed to be channeling Noah Taylor's character in Almost Famous. It's groups of people like this (cf. the girl on the left) that I see in New York that make me sad.

Anyways. After that we shopped or something in order to kill time before eating again, this time at Prune, which Ana's wanted to go to since she was born. And it wasn't even open then.

Up front: Prune might be the best restaurant in the world, ever. If food bores you, scroll down for depressing pictures of Coney Island.

First: radishes with butter and salt. If you gave me this dish when I was 12, I would've smacked you in the face and not apologized. Now, I order it of my own free will. It's good.

Next: kale with soft eggs in a Parmesan butter sauce. EGGS FOR DINNER, PEOPLE. This lady is breaking all the rules. Again, me at twelve would give you a punch in the nose if you set this in front of me, and again, it's good.

Next: stewed pork shoulder with salsa verde. It's served in big chunks with a spoon and it falls apart with the slightest pressure. Pork shoulder sounds like it would be stringy, but pigs are fat and their shoulders wonderfully tender.

Next: soupy rice with lobster and squid. It's a little thing, but this restaurant is good at words too. Putting "soupy rice" before "lobster" is probably some sort of unforgivable menu sin, but it's the right description and it sounds gross to you then you probably shouldn't have it anyway.

You totally got eaten. That's all the food for now.

The meal was so good that Ana left her wallet at the restaurant. Sad Ana:

But the people there are nice and found it for her. Happy Ana:

What do you do after a flawless meal? Go to the dirtiest bar in the world and take a picture of the bathroom, natch.

Coney Island is going to be blown up and sunk into the Atlantic Ocean next month, so we decided to go visit even though the Sideshows by the Seashore and Astroland are all boarded up.

Thank god this guy is keeping an eye on stuff.

Wait, this doesn't look very depressing! That ferris wheel looks fully operational. There aren't any stray dogs, even!

Ok, this'll do. Close-ups of chainlink fence are impossible to make undepressing.

Anything, however, can be made undepressing by a corndog.

Totonno's, you have chosen your fate: Shenanigan's can tell you about it.

Fact: Russians have the ability to move anywhere and Gulagify a place. Look! They sell DVDs and Videos at this jail, but they call it BNAEO NPOKAT. Weird.



Saturday, September 22, 2007

Two Thing Saturday

First of all, the hoodie is just as vicious as one could hope for:

And second of all, we're going to New York tomorrow for Ana's birthday. I made myself some notes so I can walk around like I know things when I really don't:

Expect amazing pictures next week, and maybe I'll see if I can't livephlog from Prune.

Friday, September 14, 2007

We Ride Fancy Cars to the Club

Hey Ana! Wanna roll to fancy dinner? Maybe? What if we do it in a BEEMER!?!*

What's up, girl?

Oh, you got your hair did? I feel you. What about the Sunroof? That's right, they cut holes in the rooves of cars nowadays!

Deffo. Anyways. Hey! Andy O! Whatchu think about some pork sliders up at Poste Moderne Brasserie? You think they're delicious? YOU'RE RIGHT.

So delicious that the world turns blue when you take a bite. You heard it here.

You guys feel like rolling up to Baltimore for the Plastic Littlenow? That's some really good ideas.

*Provided by Zipcar

Monday, September 10, 2007


Buying a biking jersey and hoodie in same day: covering all one's bases.


DC9, Wednesday: Go!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Party Tymerzs

Naomi's birthday (she turned 14) was yesterday, and natch we threw her a birthday party. She decided on an appropriately alliterative theme, posted the invitation to the world wide web, and shit happened.

The ladies looked all fine and wore gold jurry

Then like five hours later Joe showed up and was all, I'm gonna spell out myspace in sign language just cuz I can, and I was all nuh uh and he was all watch me, this is street sign language son and I was all DAMM

an then he did it for real he spelled it out without concern for his personal safety seriously click to enlarge

Then Chad America showed up and got all lolchad on our asses or whatever or maybe he just said hello

and then later Ana started pourin booze in Naomi's mouth in a crazed fashion on purpose

the strohs made her dance like a crunk zombie

then I went to sleep


Allen Iverson playing football!!! (For Anne Mostly)