Monday, March 12, 2007

Photo Essay #2: Of the First Barbeque of the Season.

We got an extra hour of sunlight yesterday (the government can legislate TIME?!?), which required us to have a barbecue. Here is a brief checklist of recommendations for having a successful first barbecue of the season:

1. Have beautiful, cloudless day.

2. Purchase party balloon. Preferably pirate-related.

3. Put on your new shoes.

4. Cook up all the bacon in your fridge. Eat only 2 or 3 slices while cooking.

5. Tunes! Barbecues need tunes. Preferably vinyl. Include Debbie Gibson and the Dead Boys, if possible.

5. Get friend to bring you enormous steak.

6. Eat ribs like an animal.

7. Feed cheese-injected hotdog to vegetarian. Try to photograph the incident, realize that camera cannot comprehend the event. Post blurry photo anyway.

8. Adjourn to bar with photobooth. Take session with friends, and one by yourself. Everyone needs to take photobooth pictures by themselves once in their life. Or once a week.

9. Walk back home. It is nighttime. Only stay awake for six more hours. Repeat next week.

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