Friday, March 30, 2007

Photo Essay #6: Luchy, Luchi, Luche!

SO YOU WANT TO BE A LUCHADOR. This is understandable. Where to begin? So many options, so many requirements! I'll tell you this right now--start from the beginning. And the beginning, as any true Luchador will tell you, is beading the rattail. This, my friends, is why you NEVER CUT YOUR RATTAIL. Make jokes about it, sure, just don't cut it. Otherwise, you won't be able do attain this:

What's next? We all know what's coming. Say it with me! Quality Domestic Beer.

Next! The Lucha mask is mandatory. The tougher-looking, the better.

Then come the capes and spandex, and photo-poses. Without a quality photo-pose, what are you going to be doing when someone takes a photo? Just standing there?

Here's another example of a good photo-pose.

And one more:

What is being a Luchador, I ask, without the wrestling? It is only posturing! Decide on a signature move, and name it. Preferably, the name of the move will be related to the sound your beaded-up rattail makes, and it will look good on your cape.

That's onomatopoeia, y'all.

Next, find a transient and practice your signature move on him.

Then do some more photo-posing.

And some more. Photo-posing, you may have noticed, is vital to the Luchador experience.

As is running around with one's cape flapping in the wind.

And at the end, all that is left is the piñata. True Luchadores forego the piñata stick and just rip the thing open with their bare, deadly hands.

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