Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Famous People Interact With Unfamous People!

Last night was the Pharmacy Bar anniversary party. This means that instead the usual five Monday regulars, there were more like forty, and those extra thirty-five people means I didn't bring my camera because I thought I would probably break it. Boy, was that a mistake. Because a famous person came! Who? DAVID ARQUETTE. Of the Hollywood Arquettes. Brother of Patricia, son of Lewis. Anyway, he was in town screening Eight Legged Freaks 2 at the Black Cat and I guess somebody told him he should roll up to Pharmacy after last call.

He was very nice, signed some autographs that made it look like his name is really OOOBO OOOBOSOO, and chatted with people. Then, when everyone was outside after the bar closed, he broke out his laser pointer (which I knew in the back of my mind that he would carry at all times).

I wish I had my camera with me! But I didn't, so I had to sketch it:

It was pretty awesome. Later, he and his crew got into their Hummer with neon underlights!

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