Sunday, May 20, 2007

Photo Essay #11: Good Sunday Guidelines

Step 1: Be awoken with offer of free tickets to ballgame.

Step 2: Agree to accept tickets. Bike to ballgame. Biking to the ballgame makes one feel superior to the chumps driving or metroing. Exercise and it's faster.

Step 3: Roll in during the 4th inning.

Step 4: Snacks. Washing shorts before taking the picture would be preferable, or maybe wearing clothing that hasn't been worn to work for last two weeks.

Step 5: Ooh! The Cracker Jack Prize!

Step 6: Beware, because the Cracker Jack prizes suck now.

Step 7: Look! It's DC's version of Milwaukee's sausage race, only with dead presidents! Things we learn: Teddy Roosevelt is a lout, a drunkard, and a skirt-chaser. George Washington pulls it out in the end. Abe Lincoln survives.

Step 8: Woot! Home team rallies to win. Kid in front of us cheers in the wrong direction, solemnly.

Step 9: What to do now? Philadelphia Water Ice, that's what. One mango, one pineapple, please.

Step 10: Mmm.

Step 11: Barbecue. Natch.

Step 12: Hot dog + ketchup + mustard + EXTREME GOLDFISH.

Step 13: Good day.


Anonymous said...

dude i gotta say... bbqs at your place... TOP NOTCH

romanlily said...

I like the fact that step 6 is basically all about snack-related caution.

DeffoTotes said...

agreed, RL. people are altogether too trusting when it comes to snacks.