Saturday, June 2, 2007

Photo Essay #12b: 72 Hours Cont.

Where were we? Oh, yes.

Las Vegas likes to give their hotel hallways an hallucinogenic quality.

Which is good, because they also put TVs in the BATHROOM MIRRORS so you can watch RACHEL RAY interview MONTEL WILLIAMS about his ALL-CONSUMING GENEROSITY and other good qualities, all while taking a shower. (!!)

Ah, the world-famous Flamin,O pool. What better time to put on your ski suit and catch some rays?

Next up: fancy dinner! Our friends who were supposed to get married didn't get married, so instead we had a group dinner. I figure it's an even trade. So we hop on over to Thomas Keller's Bouchon in the Venetian, which unlike the real Venice has free public bathrooms with conditioned air!:

Hmm... What to eat? Ah! Cured meats! Ah! A cured meat named baby Jesus! Sounds delicious! Two orders, please!

What's that, Abbe? You've decided to sneakily pay for the entire meal behind our backs, like some sort of generous traitor? Huh? Is that what you're going to do? HUH? IS IT?

Ah, Venice.


TBC again.

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