Thursday, June 14, 2007

Photo Essay #13: Things Around the House!

This morning, I was awoken at the ungodly hour of noon or something by the dude that was coming by to clean the ducts so that one day we might have air-conditioning eventually if two other people come by and say what needs to be fixed. When I got up, I did so really quickly because I didn't want to wait even longer, and managed to pull 1/3 of the muscles in my back. I'm getting old!

Anyway! Because of that, I didn't go to taco night. Instead, I stayed home by myself. Round about 2am, I got a little restless and decided to take a quick inventory of the house.

1. The kitchen:

Lots of condiments and beer. And I live with two women! Goodbye, stereotypes!

2. Books that haven't been useful in nearly a decade. Click to enlarge, and remember when they were useful to you too!

3. Bikes and parts of bikes.

4. Cat.

5. Patriotic mail from the roommate's little sister. Check that--adorable patriotic mail from the roommate's little sister.

6. Homage to the original King of R&B, animatronic and sitting on the floor next to the bookcase.

7. Another cat: puma-like and photogenic.

8. Paintings outside the bathroom by Ben. Sometimes people need instructions.

9. Fancy glasses with funny faces on them.

10. Me.

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