Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Party Tymerzs

Naomi's birthday (she turned 14) was yesterday, and natch we threw her a birthday party. She decided on an appropriately alliterative theme, posted the invitation to the world wide web, and shit happened.

The ladies looked all fine and wore gold jurry

Then like five hours later Joe showed up and was all, I'm gonna spell out myspace in sign language just cuz I can, and I was all nuh uh and he was all watch me, this is street sign language son and I was all DAMM

an then he did it for real he spelled it out without concern for his personal safety seriously click to enlarge

Then Chad America showed up and got all lolchad on our asses or whatever or maybe he just said hello

and then later Ana started pourin booze in Naomi's mouth in a crazed fashion on purpose

the strohs made her dance like a crunk zombie

then I went to sleep


Allen Iverson playing football!!! (For Anne Mostly)


murph said...

proud to be the most gyrating motherfucker in this most partious of postesses.

anne said...

thank you for my own personal ai bonus section--it only reaffirms what we already knew--that he plays with more heart than anyone, in any sport. (Plus he's more electrifying than michael vick, and doesn't abuse dogs)