Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Back and Killing Things Indiscriminantly

New camera is everything I dreamed it would be: it takes photos and allows me to seamlessly transfer them to my personal computer. In short, what people used to dream about. Today I took it out for a spin.

First, I took a bad picture of Ana stretching in preparation for eating pho:

Which may sound weird unless you knew that she was going to fill her belly with cow tendons and raw steak:

After that we went to see Senior at Rusticles, where she is "cocktailing". Since she was lolligagging around southeast Asia a month ago, she sees this development as a bummer. We see it as funny. Ha, ha! Dana, you're bummed!

When we got home, my copy of Mac OSX 10.5 LEOPARD was waiting for me. Of the 300 new features, the only one I am likely to use: new backgrounds for PhotoBooth! Look! Four pictures of me as if I were underwater!

Then I remembered that there's this new cat in the house. I was pretty sure she was still alive, but I thought I should take some pictures to convince her former owner. Look, former owner! She's even eating!

She loves being photographed. I've heard that's the case with kidnap victims.

Such a pretty cat. Aren't you! AREN'T YOU?!!

Oh yeah, there's other, older, fatter cats still in the house.

Also, there are also dudes ready to go out on the town.

BONUSBONUSBONUS A drawing of Ana and me (in my best Don Martin style) from a long time ago that I just re-found:

(She added the unicorn crying blood.)


Evan Peavey said...

Don Martin rules...almost makes me want tohavemy MAD collection shipped up from KS.

anne said...

hey, other people work at rustico too--it's only fair if you make trips to visit us all--i'll even turn on basketball so we can watch ai

titian sleuth said...

This is the heartwarming stuff I'm looking for when I open my deffototes.