Monday, November 19, 2007

Checking in with America

Because today was a day, we went to have Pho for breakfast/dinner. It was delicious. When we were done, a couple sat down across from us and proceeded to have what might have been the most important conversation in the history of the world.

Unfortch for me, I didn't bring my camera so I couldn't tape it surreptitiously. Lucky for me, Ana has a good memory and reminded me what they said so I could transcribe it and provide it for you lucky people.

Please: enjoy! Nothing is made up.


abby said...

I had fun reading this one. But he's right, Robin Williams is, dare I say, the finest actor of his generation.

jennifercantwell said...

you're right. that was the most important conversation ever. it changed my life. i'm going to the movies right now.