Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ex Post New Cat

So New Cat, aka PJ Winkleman, aka Funky Winkerbean, aka Steven Seagal: The Cat, shockingly didn't fare too well here at the house full of other cats and a dog. So after months of fear and depression, we found her a new home. I told her new owner, Riff Raff, that she could have New Cat if she paid me $40,000 in unmarked bills.

We made the exchange tonight, and Riff Raff promptly injected New Cat with horse tranquilizer.

"No," I exclaimed! "You need to use cat tranquilizer!"

Riff Raff thought for a moment and then said indignantly, "What do I look like, some sort of cat tranquilizer factory?"

So that's that. I'll make Riff Raff send periodic updates for our enjoyment.


Meowington said...


PJ misses you already because Greg has already decided that shes a boy and his name is Master P. I should probably tranqualize Greg next.

DeffoTotes said...

Master P is a totally appropriate name.

katie2 said...

what a happy ending! I'm glad PJ has a new home. :)