Wednesday, February 27, 2008


So Teebz got the ol' insurance settlement, which means that I'm likely gonna schlep him across North America in the near future. We've decided that the route we're going to take is entirely dependent on where we can find Big Buck Hunter Pro© games.

Git m'gun, maw!

BONUS Apparently FHM has done a lot of the work for us, with their Big Buck Hunter map mashup. Thanks, FHM!


katie2 said...

omgz sweet! funnest roadtrip ever!!!

Anonymous said...

There is now a Big Buck Hunter Pro located in South East in the bar called Marty's off of 8th st, right down from the marine barracks.

Marty's is also right next door to Phase One, the lesbian bar.

Deffo said...

at the same time? marty's is an impressive place.

Ryan Cravens said...

Let me know when you guys are doing this trip, I would love to make sure that you have the right gear.

rcravens ar barcade dot com is the best way to get a hold of me.

have fun


Anonymous said...

Doesn't look like your trip takes you as far north as MN....that's a tactical mistake if you're hunting the elusive BBHpro.

*Strangly enough if you happen to book a Royal Caribean Cruise you'll find one about the Liberty of the Seas!

Best of luck boyz!

zen2882 at hotmail dot com