Thursday, March 27, 2008

CoHa Here We Are

As new residents of Columbia Heights, I'm going to use the made-up term "CoHa" as much as possible to describe our new neighborhood. FYI.

Moving was fairly painless, except for the pain that still lingers from carrying things, and Punk has really taken to the new place.

She likes looking out windows. She also likes houses with no dogs. She also loves America's Best Dance Crew.

She also loves sleeping in the bed. NOT FOR LONG PUNK

Pedro, on the other hand, is a crybaby who is scared and hides all the time like a total baby

Soon we will be having cookout times on the front porch.

This guy at work on Tuesday asked me four or five times for a glass of milk, which we don't have, because, he said, "it would be funny." I disagreed. He stayed strong until the end:

Have you seen the new five dollar bills? When did the treasury hire the Teletubbies to design our money?

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