Sunday, April 13, 2008

Baseball Amid the End of the World

DC's new baseball stadium, which cost $4.6 billion, has been open for a couple weeks now so we decided to take in a game this afternoon. The weather has been beautiful, but it's April so that couldn't last:

On the whole, the new stadium is fine. Only problems: it took longer to get a hot dog than to actually travel to the stadium (20 minutes vs. 15), and the stadium is basically a concrete-and-steel copy of Turner Field, only without the charm.

The fact that none of the awesome options for interesting design were taken advantage of (no miniature white house for the Presidents to emerge from for their race? No miniature Ford's Theater for Lincoln to retire to at the end of the game?) is kind of disappointing.

And look! Teddy cheats and still loses! What a maroon!

On the positive side, I can't wait to find out who the stadium sponsor is going to be.

Anyway, the apocalypse wasn't sitting well with Ana, who was being a total downer:

So she spilled her beer on this druid that was sitting in front of us who probably then cursed our progeny for generations to come:

Then I took a quick PR shot and we got the hell out.

Verdict: stadium sucks when it's cold, add more hot dog vendors.

I saw this credit card slip at the end of the night last night, and initially thought it said "UR FAT" and got really mad.

Teebz and a couple of his coworkers got tattoos of a deer with a beard wearing a plaid shirt. One of the best brotoos ever.

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