Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Miracles of the Internet, Part 5 with 8-Word Reviews!

I've always wanted to have a liquor cabinet in my house that my future children could one day plunder (since I never had the chance as a child, what with the teetotaler parents and all), and last week I began that quest. But I didn't want to actually go to the liquor store. What to do, people? BUY BOOZE ON THE INTERNET, that's what.

It actually works.

Check it: a new feature: 8-word product reviews:

1. Franziskaner Dunkel Weisse: I don't know, Ana likes it. It's German.
2. Victory Baltic Thunder: This porter is brewed with black eyed peas.
3. Aventinus Weizenbock: Really, really, really, really delicious beer.
4. Corner Creek Reserve Bourbon: Just $22 and smooth as a mother's kiss.
5: Pappy Van Winkle's Family Reserve Bourbon, 20yr: The bottle comes with its own velour bag.


abby said...

You've rekindled my insatiable thrist for an Aventinus, thank you very much.

anne said...

you could order booze off the interweb, or you could get one of your neighbors who works at a bar with 300 beers to pick up a bottle or two for you on her way home from work

Deffo said...

Who wants to put the neighbors out? In any case, I've got a 297-count order for you.

anne said...

done & done, i'll just put it on greg's managers account---or we could work out a exchange program--beer for cat care

Deffo said...