Thursday, May 29, 2008

199th Post: Gross Drinking Competitions

Tonight was Teebz' (Teebz's?) going away party, in anticipation of our super wicked semi-cross country road trip. The party was good.

In particular was the decision of two young men (TBs and Owen) to finish the bottle of Sloe Gin they saw when they walked in.

For future reference: this idea is gross.

It included: Sloe Gin Fizzes (natch)
Sloe Mind Erasers (aka Mind Sloers--just substitute Sloe Gin for the Kahlua)
Retarded Matadors (Jager Bombs wherein one substitutes Sloe Gin for Jagermeister)
and finally
Pints of Sloe Gin on the rocks.

Hint: they finished the bottle.

Get ready for mophlogging, people.

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