Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Best Email Ever

Preface: My sister and I were obsessed with the movie The Natural when we were kids. Whatever, we were wholesome.

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Subject: ten surprises upon re-watching The Natural for, like, the 500th time

1. This was my first time to see the movie in about a decade. Last year, they did a "director's cut" of the movie. (Was there really a demand for a director's cut? Were the people really crying out?...) They added 20 new minutes of film. But they tightened up the overall film so the movie was only 6 minutes longer.
2. The director's cut is good. The movie actually feels like it moves along better. They go into the story of Roy Hobbs' origins a little more. The opening scenes aren't so choppy. His character has a lot more nuance.
3. Robert Redford apparently modeled his swing after Mickey Mantle's. He looks so much like a real ball player that it kind of sucks to realize he's just an ACTOR!
4. I may be slightly obsessed with this movie. Sorry.
5. I'm surprised by how well this movie has held up after 24 (!) years. You know what's going to happen, and you know the soundtrack is totally over-the-top romantic American Randy Newman stuff, but it still is kind of great to watch.
6. Gus was a PIMP! (Gus is the creepy bookie with the cyclops eye.) He kept Memo Paris on a string and bought her fancy furs and jewelry in return! So that's what that was all about!
8. I didn't realize that Richard Farnsworth's character's full name was "Red Blow." Red Blow! WHAT THE HELL KIND OF NAME IS THIS, etc. etc.
9. One of the parts they tightened up was our beloved "Well, what about you there, Huckleberry? [beat] Scared?" Now it's "Well,whataboutyouthere,Huckleberry,scared?" As you might have guessed, I rent my garments in twain and dumped ashes on my head over this tragic edit.
10. Kim Basinger, Glenn Close, Robert Redford, Robert Duvall, Barbara Hershey and Richard Farnsworth in one movie = TOTALLY WICKED-GOOD CAST.

Anyhow. How's tricks, cookie?

I'll bet that "Red Blow" is an oldfashioned term for cocaine.

Also, I say, don't forget Michael Madsen ("Bump" Bailey--lots of cocaine references in this wholesome movie) and Wilford Brimley! The cast just keeps on giving.

For your enjoyment, I offer this clip from the movie (which same sister texted to me the other day), where the batboy asks Roy Hobbs if he can help him make a superbat.

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anne said...

espn.com did a piece a few years ago about how barbra hershey is always bad luck in sports movies. in the natural she shoots robert redford, in hoosiers she is generally a sour bitch to gene hackman and the hickory boys. there was one more example but i'm blanking on it--she probably framed shoeless joe