Saturday, May 3, 2008

Poor-Quality Neighborhood Pictures: Lawn Lion, Alien, Pizza

There's a new pizza place a couple blocks from us that acts like it's all good and everything so we tried it today. Verdict: it's hell of good. Look: between us we got three slices and a sorbillo and I didn't think to take a picture until this was all that was left:

On the walk home I saw two houses I've been meaning to take pictures of for a while. The pictures didn't turn out so good but so what.

First: A bay window with a green plastic alien wearing an "Impeach Bush" necklace poster. People are shameless.

Second: A large plaster (?) lioness lawn sculpture.

Jenny Miller answers the question I've been wondering about for months.

Best LOLCAT ever

humorous pictures


katie2 said...

omg I need that lioness sculpture!!

nush said...

only up north does the neighborhood pizza place have a full coffee bar.