Friday, June 27, 2008

Las Vegas: Basically Just Novelty Drinks

Let's start this off right, Vegas-style, with a picture of a bakery in the airport.

What is more Vegas than Breadz?

Next is the second picture of a 24-hour bar that I've taken in the past month. Do you know what that means? Good month.

Next would be a couple dozen pictures of the inside of the casino we stayed at, including but not limited to the Dealertainers® (celebrity look-alikes who perform and also deal blackjack), but it's Vegas and they don't like cameras. So pictures of novelty drinks must suffice.

How this for suffice? 40 ounces of daiquiri in a plastic guitar. In the mall bathroom, natch.

Then disperse with the novelty drinks for the real drinks. Why? Cuz we're getting ready to go to the club, that's why.

(Aside: when you find a Sedaris book in the hotel bathroom, you know your friend is white.)

Hey, are you guys going to the club? Yes? Thought so.

What are you dudes doing? Oh.

What happens twelve hours later? Your body reminds you that you are a jackass.

But whatever there is still time to go to Fremont Street and eat fried Oreos.

In Fremont Street, you may remember, there is an experience that people take pictures of for some reason.

Other people buy Oakland Raider earrings and sparkly hats.

Oh, and some of the hats have lights in them.

Like this one the Chad is wearing. It is a USA hat.

Finally, we went to the El Cortez, which is noteworthy because it rules.

Then we came home to find that Junes had stocked our joint with Canadian chocolates

and New Glarus. Both of which are delicious.

Then we slept for 17 hours.

At RockHouse®, the Rock-themed/Beer Pong fake club attached to our hotel, Hamouda wore a singlet/jumper/onesie and drank a blue daiquiri. What did this result in?

You guessed correctly. It resulted in being accosted by a blacked-out, middle-aged tourist.


chad said...

hey, i was on this trip! even tho every time i played a game i seemed to win, i still ended up several hundred dollars down.

love, chad

DeffoTotes said...

It's funny---every time I played a game I lost...and also ended up several hundred dollars down.