Saturday, July 19, 2008

Welcome to Saturday. Now: Time for You to be Chastised!

Have you seen Honky Tonk Freeway? No? Why not? What the hell is wrong with you? Were you born stupid, or did you choose to become such an idiot? I'm guessing it's the latter.

Don't worry, though. It's been on TMC a lot lately. A LOT. Quick summation: Mad Mad World (or for this generation, Rat Race) meets Smokey and the Bandit meets most any Jim Jarmusch movie. Oh--and throw in a healthy dose of Ishtar and Waterworld.

Look at all the people in it:

Plays an alcoholic, married to best-Hollywood-name-ever, Hume Cronyn:

Plus: The cop who wasn't Chris Noth from the first season of Law & Order; Daniel Stern, as a coke fiend who is "Going to the Super Bowl to sell some co-caine"; Beau Bridges; Howard Hesseman; Terri Garr (AKA Mrs. Dad); William Devane; Deborah Rush. In short, it's a veritable hey it's that guy movie classic.

Also: Beverly D'Angelo plays a nymphomaniac waitress who carries her mother's ashes with her everywhere she goes. This should be reason enough to watch it (next Thursday at 4:40pm).

This is reason enough to buy a new iPhone.


Rich said...

k gonna give you a free pass on this one. first - chris noth (det. mike logan) was not in the first season of law and order. the guy i think you are refering to is george dzunda who played det. max greevey. unfortunatly his partner (paul sorvino) gets offed outside of his home. thats when chris noth joined the cast. im just saying...

DeffoTotes said...

Fine. You're right. But at least I linked to Dzunda--and noted that he is not Noth. Two out of three.