Monday, August 4, 2008


Not a great picture, but here is the beginning of my new tattoo. It's my left arm, if that's not clear.

Why a cat pegacorn (pegacornicat), you ask? Because of that old tattoo axiom: forearms are for appliances, upper arms for iconic animals.

The dude who is doing it had this drawing up for his next appointment. It is a Gummi Bear diving off of a pizza diving board into a swimming pool full of Gummi Bear parts. (He included spines which I think is a nice touch.) I wanted to get it.

Achewood poses a dialectic. Let it be noted that Roast Beef here describes my next tattoo.


katie2 said...

the punktoo is seriously amazing, even half done. love the way he did the stripes...and bonus that the horn has a jimmy halo!!!

nush said...

just to clarify, did you cover the dynamite & moonshine holding eagle or is that the other arm?

DeffoTotes said...

other arm! how could i cover that stirring tribute to america?