Monday, August 11, 2008

Things That Are Not For Everyone

Yesterday at the Giant I waited behind a woman who was locking up her bike for a solid two minutes. The bike had reflectors all over it, and she seemed confused with every step of the process she had undertaken. Lots of locking, unlocking, and relocking of the bike. Finally she was satisfied and went inside, leaving this:

In case you can't tell, the lock is attached to no part of her bike. I almost stole the thing out of principle.

In other amazing news, I joined a fantasy football league. Joe and I have been talking for years about starting a team and managing it according to a perfectly random algorithm, so I decided to see if it is possible.

Step A: Joining a league. I looked for one that would assign players automatically, and with an awesome name. So I joined "Smooth Criminalz."

Step B: Naming of my team. When in a league ending in z, one's team name must also include a z. Therefore, be prepared for in-depth updates regarding my team, Frizzesh Fizzootball. All decisions will be made randomly, except for instances where I

Virtual trash talk: why the internet was invented.

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