Thursday, September 25, 2008

Birthday Wrapup

At dinner, I pulled out my phone to take a picture before we started and Ana was all 'no don't that's rude' and I did it anyway. Why? Cuz I needed a picture.

The food was great, and included this dish, which was a beef tartare + some sort of fish roe + parsnip ice cream + a tortilla chip. Don't worry, it was delicious.

After, we went to Bourbon where Patso had done up a custom chalkboard (you've seen one before):

Yes, it says Hermano. "It's happy birthday bro," Patso said. He was right.

And finally, inspired by the thing from yesterday, Ana puts on a recital.


katie2 said...

i just watched the ana video 3times. i'm a superfan.

nush said...

looove the video, so fun :)