Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cleveland is Moderately Exciting; Frizzesh Fizzootball Loses in Week 1

Here is the quick recap of Baby Baptism 2008: three adults on the altar taking pictures of baby; one adult in pew taking pictures of adults on altar.

But really, considering that this is the baby, can you really blame them? Come on.

Then there was a big table full of meat. It's like they knew we were coming.

Then to a place called the Treehouse, which has a big mural of the Guinness bird on the wall.

Fantasy Football got off with a bang, it seems, when my team (Frizzesh Fizzootball) finished tied for 9th in a league of 10 teams. Translation: not really in last. But it does require that some drastic measures be taken. Translation: look to see who is on team, make random decisions about who will be starting next week, possibly for to non-football related reasons.

Of course, losing does not keep one from sending a virtual can of smack to every other team in the league:

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