Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wedding Photos + Pegacornicat Complete

Zipcar failed for the first time on Saturday, kind of spectacularly, when we arrived to get the car for the wedding and the thing had a flat. Normally it wouldn't be an issue but I was wearing my Zegna joint and it was hot so changing it was out of the question. Luckily there was a cab in the parking lot, and I noticed that he was wearing a propeller hat.

The short story (considering that it was a long wedding and even longer reception) was that it was a good time.

We went to Black Cat afterward, in our finery, which seemed like a good idea but likely wasn't, since we had been at it since like noon and it was now late at night, probably. I really don't know what time it was.

Nor do I know that Chad America would say Good Morrow. It just came to me.

Then today back to Richmond for completion of phase one of left arm. Look!


nush said...

sweet. i cant wait to see what pegicornicat looks like when your 70.

DeffoTotes said...

Oldest and worst anti-tattoo reasoning ever! Considering the fact that I'll be 70, I probably won't care.

nush said...

I'm not anti-tattoo!! just anti-tattoo-of-huge-cat-with-unicorn-halo-thingy.

i just wonder if it will look like this :


nush said...

um, not sure if the url posted properly and the pic is too funny to miss out on.... click my name.

DeffoTotes said...

Um that guy is amazing. Old dudes without tattoos are so gross you can't even find pictures of them on the internet.

nush said...

sure you can!!! :)