Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving List 2008

1. I did not just cut my finger off while making a sandwich, which was a pretty close call.

2. Our country is so amazing that when somebody makes a goofy offer to give everybody soda pop and fails, the lawyers get involved. Also, the most prestigious newspaper in the land writes an article about it.

3. Dinner tonight is going to involve some parsnip puree, y'all.

4. In lieu of usual screaming matches, landlord/downstairs neighbor and wife are observing the holiday with some Wilburys. Actually, they might be cranking the Wilburys in order to mask their usual screaming match.

5. Upcoming visit to Atlanta for early Christmas celebration, which will include dinner with brother and sister.


chad said...

hey, when are you gonna blog (or is it phlog?) about your thanksgivin' dinner? i'm curious about how it might be for christmas eve.

DeffoTotes said...

Sorry, almost forgot that I'd taken a picture. CRU (comin right up)