Tuesday, December 23, 2008

DH + Gift Ideas!

If Darkest Hour's shows at the 9:30 club are like a homecoming for our particular group of friends, then Murph is like the homecoming king. He is easily the best metal concertgoer in the world. It's hard to make out here, but pictured below is Murph crouching on stage in preparation for what one would assume to be a brutal stagedive:

What I didn't get a photo of was when the dude ran from backstage and jumped on Murph's back, who proceeded to stagedive with dude riding piggyback.

BONUS! In Atlanta, brother and I were remembering a particular game we used to play as kids.

I found it on Amazon.

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Murph said...

Scott I'm honored. And what can I say? I love stage dives. Also, Amazon apparently thinks I love fantasy novels in Spanish... Recent recommendations include El Retorno del Rey (SeƱor de los Anillos), y Los Hijos de Hurin. I think I might have to re-read El Silmarillion first though to fill in all the backstory.