Monday, December 8, 2008

Economics +++

Obama, God bless him, thinks that people are going to take manual labor jobs in order to make ends meet. If he were to, I don't know, come up with a New New Deal where it included sitting at a desk with a nice computer and internet connection and enough work to keep one busy for at least 15 minutes a week, I think people would jump at it. Building roads? Fat chance.

Best way to fix the economy? Inventions. People need to invent more things. Did Edison make his fortune replacing energy-sucking light bulbs? NO. He invented them, and waited for other people to do the replacing. Because he was an American, and that's what Americans do.

I'll do my part to help. Listen up, snack makers: SRIRACHA-INFUSED CHEEZ-ITS.

  • Wow! America has a conscience. Granted, it's not a fully-formed conscience (manslaughter?), but it's a conscience nonetheless.
  • Wowee! Frenchies hate America AND beer.
  • I am always confused about holiday tipping, because it wasn't normal when I was a kid. Out of this list, the only one that applies to me is the letter carrier, but since our letter carrier is pretty terrible (I'm guessing 75%-25% success rate) and the UPS guy offered to help carry my new TV up the stairs, I tipped him instead. Also, I tipped the lady at the Subway.
  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Coldplay had to steal in order to write the turd that became "Viva la Vida?" HAHAHAHAHAHA from Joe Satriani
  • Jenny's take on an annoying trait of people who live in or around national parks.


katie2 said...

genius. i'm eating chili with sriracha as we speak.

DeffoTotes said...

Honestly, I think every food product should have a sriracha-infused version. I'm completely addicted. I put it on EVERYTHING.

patrick said...

Why is it appropriate to tip everyone with a boxe of chocolates?
Also.. from the link titled What You Need To Know About Holiday Tipping..
"Tip #7. You're not Daddy Warbucks. When you dine out during the holidays, you may feel social pressure to tip 20% -- or even more. Don't give in." Thanks, Kiplinger!

DeffoTotes said...

Yeah, I looked at a couple of other lists and when it came to servers or bartenders the holiday spirit dried up pretty quick.

I just tip with my number and a wink, anyway.

Stockyard Queen said...

Maybe you folks in DC will try to hold out for office jobs, but out here in MT, we have about a bizillion laid-off construction workers and miles and miles of bad roads to fix. They'll be lining up for those jobs before the doors fly open.