Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Motivational Poster Generator +++

This is a worthwhile endeavor, as is evidenced by this gallery of Hunter S. Thompson motivational posters, and this little number:

Also, sister responds to my exposé of her top-secret pin-making organization:

Sister: Chances are good that I will be driving to Warshington tonight to swiftly kill you for betraying the secret of Friendship Pins, Incorporated.

Sister: That Las Vegas mention was really a nice touch of formality and authority.

Sister: Hope the kitty DJing is going awesomely!!

Me: I'm DJing from my phone while texting you. FUTURE

Sister: Good, cuz I'm dressed up like Penny from Inspector Gadget and am currently transmitting from my Computer Book!!!


PLUS look at me wearing headphones connected to nothing

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