Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tourists Order Things They Don't Even Want

Int., a bar. Girl approaches.

Girl: Can I have a Sam Adams?

Me: Sorry, we don't carry Sam Adams.

Girl: Can you recommend something else?

Me: Like Sam Adams?

Girl: No, I don't like Sam Adams.

Me: Why did you order it?

Girl: I'm from out of town.



Anonymous said...

don't even know where to start on that one, other than , awesome.

chad said...

so, what did she end up having?

DeffoTotes said...

What, you think I remember these things?

anne said...

dude: can i have a corona light

me: we don't have corona light, the beers are listed on the giant board behind you

dude-looks...can i have a pbr then?

me:we don't have pbr, the beers we have are on the board you just looked at.
result: i am establishing a literacy fund called "learn to read you incompetent motherfucker"