Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday Grab Bag

Picked up Bronco successfully yesterday, which was followed by a ride to Fall's Church to get everything checked out. This is what is called a "tease." Perhaps will have more pictures, like ones with me standing next to it giving a thumbs-up, on Tuesday.

Senior points out that I should start stockpiling Bronco-related clothing items, at least a hat, to start wearing all the time. I choose these.

One of the more rare notes left on credit card slips is the unsolicited and unnecessary apology, like this one, from a person who had done nothing:

Maybe it was a general apology, like to the world, for existing. Although the 50% tip seems to say that something happened that I just didn't know about. Like, say, this.

Finally, cats have cage match

PS If you're on Twitter, please add to my growing list of #peoplewhoshouldtwitter.

PPS Also you can give me ideas for vanity plates (so far, ideas include "VANITY" "KTHXBAI" "BRO-CO" "PHO") here, or here.

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