Sunday, February 8, 2009

Value Village Finds + (shocker) Bread

Come on, Value Village! You have this kitteh wall hanging for $3.87 and expect us to walk past it? Huh? I don't know where you were brought up, Value Village, but this is not how it worked in my family.

I have had a dream, possibly from watching North by Northwest too often as a child, or possibly Frasier, of having decanters. Dream fulfilled.

Finally, making ciabatta is on the time-intensive side of things. But it is important for the realization of a sandwich vision I had a few days ago, and will reveal in due time.


edenman said...

Re: your tweet about having a separate outlet for bread posts, I would respond that "bread-hating readers" are not readers worth having.

Anonymous said...

eva odlan would agree. bread haters=evil doers. her daddy was a flour miller.
also my favorite parts of soap operas when i was a kid was how everybody drank all day long and they poured ALWAYS from decanters.
that shaped me.