Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Sometimes (all the time) you just wanna get some pho, and the idea makes you really excited.

Especially when you get there and realize that it's the best phomaker in the world. Seriously, all you people who are opening pho places in the city need to steal this dude. He's about yay high, Vietnamese, and remembers us every time we come.

Here's a spiral pain d'epis from yesterday.


chad said...

the problem with titling a post "Wednesday!!1" is that when i sign on to your blog (phlog?) on friday, it is immediately obvious that you haven't updated in a couple of days.

i suggest maybe naming a post "Today!!1" That way, when i log on, i'll see the title and think "oh, he must have updated this today!"

also, i want some pho.

Scott said...

But remember--if I wait another few days, you'll sign in on Wednesday and think it's fresh! So it is only old 6/7 of the time.