Wednesday, March 18, 2009

And Now: Pins

I'm pretty sure pinmaking is a lost art, although I don't have any data to back up that argument. So I was pretty stoked to find a great selection of old pins at some store in San Francisco.

1. An old Bronco, for myself, since I need to start building my Bronco-related wardrobe and plus I can't really remember what it looks like SINCE IT'S STILL AT THE MECHANIC AND I'M DYING INSIDE

2. Minnesota, for Junes, because that's where she lives. FOR NOW.

3. A Steelers helmet, for Anne. Because she works down at the smelting plant.

4. Georgia, for me.

5. Canada/USA, for Sandy. Because she's both those things.

6. A school bus, for Chad. Because he seems to really like children.

NOT PICTURED: A pterodactyl, for Joe, and an eagle holding a bottle of whiskey, for me. Cuz it matches.

I apologize if your home state/defining personal detail was not available in pin form.

1 comment:

anne said...

yay!!! now people will be able to tell where i'm from and what sports team i support-(cause i'm pretty sure i'm a bit vague and mysterious on these points)