Wednesday, March 4, 2009

When In Need of Content Check Drawers for Things

This picture is from my dorm room my sophomore year in college, in 1997.

1. My Cannondale mountain bike, which I regrettably sold out of frustration (it had been taking up all my closet space for like 3 years) in 2005 for $200. It was way too big for the dude who bought it.

2. I had a sweet Macintosh LCIII. $1350 got you 4MB of RAM and a 40MB (MB!) hard drive. When one remembers this, complaining about how expensive Macs are now seems petty.

3. Being a white dude in college, I had a guitar. Which I rarely played. I ultimately gave it to Mikey, I think.

4. The weird thing about this picture is that I don't have socks on. I almost always wear socks.

This is from a few months later, after we moved into an apartment off campus.

1. Ansel Adams print. Obligatory.
2. Greatful Dead throw. Also obligatory, albeit not mine.
3. Exposed brick. This might has well have been a flat in Soho for all we knew.
4. Leo the Persian, which Justin (roommate) found in the road in south Georgia.

This apartment building would soon be condemned.


Jenny Miller said...

I had an SE. 1MB RAM/20MB hard drive. More than once I stayed up all night doing papers that the thing would disappear as soon as I finished. And that's why I dropped out of college until computers improved, kids.

DeffoTotes said...

Ah yes, the beauty of WriteNow. Remember the word processor wars? Poor WordPerfect.