Sunday, April 5, 2009

Banas Foster

Every once in a while at work, things are normal, everybody's enjoying themselves, and then a dude comes up to you and is all, hey my girlfriend locked herself in the bathroom and I'm pretty sure she's passed out.

This happened recently, to the point where we had to break the door down and carry her out. Don't worry. She's fine (albeit stupid). When we were cleaning up, we found this gem:

It is apparent that Michelle is some form of crisis manager, or negotiator. What better way to rouse someone from unconsciousness than with the promise of Bananas Foster(s)?

Here are some pictures of the Bronco. The naming process is underway. Under consideration so far: Frank, Henry.


nush said...

first of all, are those prices current on that menu? cuz thats a hell of a deal for DC! we charge those prices at my place in roswell.

secondly, i think you have to name the car OJ, in honor. i mean, it IS why broncos are famous. orenthal, james, or juice are also acceptable.

Meowington said...

Good thing you didn't laminate those beer lists