Saturday, April 25, 2009

Blay, vol. V: Earth Day Edition++!

I had almost forgotten about Blays until tonight.

Int., a bar.

Man orders four beers from a California Brewery and four waters.  I deliver the waters with straws.  Man takes straws out and tosses them on the bar.

Man: No petroleum for me, bro.


Part 2:

Int., a bar.

A man approaches.

Man: Can I get a beer?

Me: Sorry, man, I can't serve you.

Man: Why

Me: Because we've had to kick you out on numerous occasions for being too drunk.

Man: Can I get a beer?

I walk away.

Man: Under his breath.  Fag.

Me: Turns slowly around, smiling.  What's that you say?

Man: Quickly, slurring. You're the man.  You're the man.  Leaves.


1 comment:

anne said...

we need to come up with a ipod/iphone app for people to present blays. i've got a 3 act piece from wednesday involving our "pants policy" at the bar