Friday, April 6, 2007

Photo Essay #7: Shoes Are Useful

Our friend Keso put on a show last night featuring live hip-hop and sneaker artists. The sneakers were hot:

Especially these, which I wanted to buy but didn't. Can you imagine wearing them to the premiere next week? Instant nerd cred/shame paradox.

Keso was registering all sneakers for a sneaker-off (I just made that concept up), which involved taking your sneaker off and holding it. I would rather not go sock-footed in Asylum, but sometimes you have to take chances. Anyway, here's how I see the comptetition:

1) Nathan, who thinks his sparkling white AirMax running shoes are going to take him places, but who is desperately misled;

2) Floyd, whose joints are hot but they look a little worn. Gotta keep them fresh, Floyd;

3) Susan, who I think may be my only real competition. Thank god the Polaroid glare is covering up the detail on her sneakers!;

4) "P-Diddy" (Not real name), whose hi-top Nike throwbacks are nice and purple and yes, she got them in Japan, but not everything in Japan is better. Just most;

5) DJ Rock Something, who apparently wore some K-Swiss and thought they were gonna win, but everbody knows that

6) I am going to. People! Listen up! When you buy expensive, limited edition sneakers, they WILL COME IN HANDY for parties and competitions with NO PRIZES other than your own pride.

See? Even they agree.

PS For your enjoyment: Ana eating The Onion. New on Thursdays! WATCH YOUR BACK, CITY PAPER. A couple more front page stories about people doing boring things, and we're just gonna pass you right by. And eat the other one.

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