Monday, May 14, 2007

Photo Essay #10: Twenty-Four Hours in Ocean City

Our boss, who is the ruliest, offered to let us stay in his condo in Ocean City this weekend.

Because our weekend consisted of the hours between 10pm Sunday and 11am Tuesday, we decided to just make it a quick day trip. It's easy to have fun in Ocean City, even in the off-season. First, when you get there really late, crack open a couple cold brews, put them in your coozies, and watch some tube:

Next, it's imperative that you take advantage of your time--it's limited! So put those vacation guides to good use. Choose your restaurant by its name, and its name only. Of these, the contest is close; Tequila Mockingbird would be great on a hot day, but since it was a little chilly it seemed that Shenanigan's was the way to go. Nothing like some Shenanigans to keep a body warm, right? Right!!

Woo! The Boardwalk! They have a huge arch to let you know that this is indeed The Boardwalk:


Maryland likes suicidal hot dog sculptures. This one is out of ketchup. It's not really a hot dog without ketchup, though, so this one is safe for now.

Ooh! Ocean City is educational! Thomas Kinkade has purpose!

Ocean City has dwellings for all species. This is the most expensive dog house in the world.

I CALL BULLSHIT, FUNCADE CASINO. How can you not be open? What are the Russian seasonal workers supposed to do before the high season starts? There's only so many whipits to go around, you know.

Remember when I said that you can have fun in Ocean City, even in the offseason? I was LYING. You hear that, Shenanigans? YOU RUINED OUR MINI-VACATION. I hope you never forget that.

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