Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Weekend of Fancy Food, Translated into Still Pictures and Drawings

We had a big food weekend. First, we went to Dino in Cleveland Park and ate good Italian food in preparation for Spider-Man 3 (mini-review here). This is a polenta-prosciutto rollup that we created:

Delicious. Then on Monday, we went to the new Brasserie Beck where our friend Thor is now working. I didn't bring the camera, but they had the most amazing soup I've ever had. Split pea with veal-cheek sausage. Melts in your mouth:

Finally, yesterday we went to the new Hook, just opened by DC dreamboat-chef Barton Seaver, who totally touched Ana when he said hello, and she totally knows him but seriously she just loves his food she isn't really in love with him because they're friends! Gah! Did you see how he touched her when he said hello!:

Biscuits with ham and pickles for an appetizer: nothing wrong with that, I say! Except for that restaurants can't make a good biscuit to save their life. But the ham was delicious.

Then two fishes I've never had before: Blue- and Weak-. Both fantastic and ethical!:

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