Sunday, July 1, 2007

Photo Essay #15: Happy Canada Day, Y'all.

If you don't know yet, Canadians are not for making fun of anymore. They are for drinking their booze and eating their food! And maybe appropriating their political stances! We celebrated Canada Day '07 this year thusly:

First, I sprayed the weeds that are taking over behind the house. I stepped on some of them, too. That will probably take care of the problem.

Then on to a friend's apartment for Canada Day party! It happens that the friend lives above the bar where I work. I didn't stop in to say hello! It's Sunday, that place might as well not exist on Sundays! Ha ha!

We brought some Modelo. It's not Canadian, but it's not American, so it got along well with the Canadian beer.
I didn't wear Canadian-themed clothing, either. Because I don't have any. Also, remember Katie in the background? Of course you do!

No mind. There are temporary tattoos for this situation.

Like everything Canadian, they teach you things, like geography.

Naomi got a hickey from Canada.

This cheese may or may not be Canadian.

It is customary, you may or may not know, to eat cherries on Canada Day. It helps stave off the rickets.

And remember, it's not about making fun of Canada anymore! We were hosted by a real live Canadian! Say hello, Sandy!

Also there was a Canadian robot there. You know those Canadian robots. Get a couple beers in 'em, they start spouting off at the mouth about social policy!

Sandy made poutine. Seriously, this is not about making fun of Canadians. This shit is delicious. It justifies the existence of the entire country.

Murph agrees.

So does she.

I haven't had a cigarette in a week. So I lit up this entire pack.

Andy broke his ankle last week. And now he's drinking a beer called "The End of the World." Your mind is blown.

Then we prank called bars where our friends work. Canada Day is wonderful.

Big Hunt: You got served!

Palace of Wonders: Matt Berger, you got served!

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