Saturday, August 4, 2007

Summer Music Thursday Time

DC doesn't have many awesome traditions for its residents. The baseball team, you'll remember, has to make up its own as it goes along. But there is this awesome one where they put on free concerts at Fort Reno all summer long. This is Fort Reno:

This is how people relax there:

Fort Reno is right next to Wilson High School, which would be awesome if you went to summer school there, because you get to go to concerts afterward.

Fort Reno concerts, because they're for the kids, don't have the drugs or the alcohols. They do have babies.

It draws really good bands. This week two of our favorites (Benjy Ferree and the Aquarium) played. I originally wrote "NERD ROCK" on this picture of the Aquarium, not because they're part of a genre of music called Nerd Rock or anything, but just because when I listen to it I think of nerds and it seems that nerds like it alot. But Ana feels that categorizing music is dumb, and that it should just either be Awesome or Not Awesome. Since the Aquarium is her favorite band, I decided to acquiesce. Also she's holding a gun to my throat.

After the show was over, we went to DC9 for this DJ night by this guy. When we got there, Da Committee was on stage singing songs like "Last Call for Alcohol" and "DC Clap," the latter of which details how people in DC clap. The awesome part about the show was that people danced, which in DC is tantamount to a coup.

He asked for a Patron margarita before singing "Last Call for Alcohol." Gotta stay true to the lyrics.

Anyways, it was fun.

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