Monday, August 6, 2007

You and Deffototes!, Creative Teaming. UPDATED!

UPDATE: The poll is coming along nicely. I've updated it to include the "other" answers to this point (FYI, Naomi is my roommate; Dave Wittig was my middle school youth pastor). Feel free to vote hundreds of times until we hit the 1,000,000 mark. We're presently at 51.

Things here at Deffototes! have been slow lately. It's August, and that means it's hot, and being hot is boring and not conducive to humor.

That's why I'm letting you, the tens of tens of people who are here, decide on an upcoming topic! Feel free to send in your own photos (to plasticand40 at yahoo dot com) if you'd like a personalized Deffototing!. Okay? Okay.

(BTW People, I've decided to cut off the voting at one million votes. Once we reach that, I'll get to work. Now gets to voting.)

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