Friday, October 5, 2007

What Happens on Thursday Nights

You people remember the cat thing, right? Yes, it continues. New cat still rules, and old cats still act like they run shit by trying to keep new cat sequestered in the basement:

But really new cat does what she wants. Look, she comes upstairs sometimes:

That's new cat with the glowing eyes. That's Punk walking through our disgusting room. (We're too busy to clean. Sue us.)

Dana Senior surprised us last night by being here in America instead of in Thailand. Today we went to eat Pho (she needed to work her way back into the culture slowly) and she brought us presents. First was whiskey. Duh:

Whiskey which led to Ana being on the cover of Vice Magazine:

and second was the best t-shirt possibly ever:

You can't see it, but everything on the shirt is sparkly and fuzzy.

In other news, Ana and new cat are in love.

BONUSBONUSBONUS: What happens behind me when I'm phlogging

(To learn what words are actually coming out of her mouth, click the picture or here.)

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Katie said...

Your blog has made for some good Sunday morning, coffee drinking, gun.

I love the "Vice Magazine" shot.

Nice. =^.^=