Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Belated Crafty Bastards Monster Doll Exposé

I just learned (two years in) how to download pictures from my phone using the "Bluetooth", after which I remembered that I had taken a series of pictures at this year's Crafty Bastards craftathon which detailed an underworld of deceit, intrigue and monsters. Last year, there was a booth selling stuffed monsters, little guys that are well-crafted and designed.

Seriously, this year there were no fewer than five (5) booths selling the same shit. The monsters should have:

1) Big, oversized ears
2) Scary parts
3) Buck- or weirdly-shaped teeth

Exhibit 2:

Exhibit 3, the original:

Look, one that fits the bill and one that doesn't:

Extra-weird teeth + whale:

Every freaking child in the metro area will likely be carrying around some version of these things in the next month or so if even a fraction of these ripoffs was sold.

Not pictured is next year's trend, which will undoubtedly (I'm willing to bet) be scary octopus- or squid-related stuffed toys.

BONUSBONUSBONUS: Miscellaneous old cellphone pictures:

1) Naomi as a baby, Ana casually drinking Jim Beam from the bottle like usual:

2) Pedro as a kitten, watching TV:

3) Stevie Pants at boat camp (AKA Merchant Marines):

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