Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What Happens on Thursday: Tuesday Edition

Our friends went to Maine this weekend, which is famous for lobsters. On Tuesday, a box showed up:

The box was full of lobsters!

So then I went to work. Everything there was pretty cool. Then I got home and Ana had already murdered two of the lobsters! She said that the directions told her to, and I wanted to point out that she didn't always have to do what pieces of paper tell her to, but it was late and I thought that might've been rude.

She said she hadn't ever cooked lobster before but then she started pulling all the meat out at lightning speed:

I didn't have anything to do, so I tried to cook a third lobster by shooting lasers out of my eyes

but it didn't work so I dropped it into a boiling cauldron to see if I couldn't get an artsy/creepy photo out of the whole thing:

Done and done.

Surprisingly, mean fat boy cat kept hanging around like the lobsters were for him. Which they AREN'T. Didn't you read the note, idiot?

Lobsters all over the world are probably scared of Ana now.

PS The best thing is that all this happened at 4 in the morning.
PPS Thks 4 tha shoutout, Jenny "Hecks" Miller.


Pat two years ago after work + FunFrame:

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