Friday, November 30, 2007

I Open Birthday Presents Early

A couple early presents:

First, from Uncle Mike (the polyglot): Every kid's favorite present, cash!

Second, from mom, a hand-knitted scarf made from baby llamas!

I'm pretty sure it's baby llama fur, not guts.


Jenny Miller said...

Man, shauna and I totally meant to go to your pharmacy party, and both totally forgot. we suck. jm

Jane Doe said...

Its Jeanne here, I haven't spoken to you ever and not Ana for ages. I was her temporary roomie when Josh first moved to D.C. I work for my local counties Coroner's office and had to post in on this possible gross post you have put up.
6 ft tall redhead who dumped Dave. C. and went on with her life as a sugar momma and has caught her whits since those old crazy days.