Friday, December 28, 2007

Deffo Presents: Vacation Videoz

Everybody that I've seen since we got back from San Francisco has been all dude, please, where are the videos? Please, something! Maybe of small children we don't know? Well, wait no longer, everybody. Here's a sampling:

1. Ana says "Hey! Take a picture of me jumping from this bed to that bed!" I take video instead. Good decision.

2. Shopping at Target for Ana's 3-year old nephew when I stumble on a cache of Frogz, which are animatronic frogs that sing popular music. I bought this one. After giving it to the nephew, he kissed it on the forehead. Kid recognizes a good thing when he sees it.

3. Ana acts like she's taking my picture and instead attacks my face with the camera. Payback.

4. Possibly the best video of all time: Nephew spinning.

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