Monday, December 17, 2007

Holiday Times USA

Ana left for San Francisco ("San Fran" for those in the know) yesterday, so I've been doing this:

I've realized that I have the ability to be very, very boring. FYI.

In other news about boredom, gander this picture of my bar on Saturday night:

Yep. Freezing rain sure does scare away the suburbanites.

Expect some northern California-related goodness in the next week or so. Until then, happy Joemas!


nush said...

this bar is really familiar....did we drink here once with the cairo crew the night before we left for said city?

Jill said...

Your ability to be boring will grow to unimaginable proportions over time, Deffo. And you'll even get to like it.

Jill said...

Also, do you sometimes call her
San Frana?

nushka said...

or, OR.... you could totally just ignore me.

yeah, do that.

Deffo said...

um... i'm not ignoring. totally not the same bar. the bar you're thinking of just got demolished. sad, sad day..